Friday, October 30, 2009

our friendship is like a cup of tea...

Happy 30th Birthday Bianca!

I made this quilt / wall hanging for Bianca's birthday, and was so excited to be able to give it to her in person. The words read:

"Our friendship is like a cup of tea - a special blend of you and me!"

I planned it for ages, but of course finished it at the last minute!
The materials include the 'left-overs' from a blanket that I made for her 4th baby when she was born!

I love the concept of a friendship being a blend of two people - the time, gifts and skills that they share with each other. It accurately depicts the friendships I have with my closest friends.

Bianca - you are a very special friend. I hope you have a really wonderful "me: day... and... good luck with that!

You can visit Bianca here. This blog is often good for a chuckle and some great inspiration.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my first real quilt

I visited the Horsham Quilt Show soon after we moved here in Feb 2004. I was in the late stages of pregnancy, and feeling very bored and tired! I saw this quilt on display, and thought it would be a great quilt for me to make for my baby - and could be made for a girl or a boy! So I tracked down the pattern - it's called 'abc for Wylie' by Kaye Hoffman (a Horsham local!), and I spent lots of time tracing and cutting out all the applique bits while I waited and waited for my baby to decide to come (13 days over!).

I did lots of handsewing while my baby was young... blanket stitching around each letter and picture part with matching DMC thread. I then machine pieced it, and ditch-stitched it by machine (my first experience of the hair-like monofilament thread!). I quilted around each of the letters and pictures by hand in a navy quilting thread (ah those fiddly little 'betweens' needles which I have never used since!).

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process, and it cemented my love of sewing and quilting. It was a great way to pass the time... and along the way I met some great friends when I joined a sewing group... and that group continues still, more than 5 years on!

I was very proud of this achievement in my first year as a Mum, and I finished this quilt in time for Boy 1's first birthday - April 20, 2005.