Tuesday, August 3, 2010

remember me?

It is so long since I've blogged... and moving sounded like it was a very organised affair last time I posted! Well here we are in Melbourne. Our poor packers started packed in minus 2 degees. After cleaning, cleaning and cleaning some more, we got to Melbourne at 11.30am. It was wet and cold when we arrived at the house to meet them at 7.30am the next day... pity they didn't arrive! It seems that there was some confusion - and our truck arrived about 27 hours after we expected it! What fun! It's hard to describe in nice words how over the whole moving experience we were by the time we actually had boxes in the house.
BUT let me give you some amazing stats.
  1. my sewing room was the LAST room in the house to be unpacked (I know - hard to believe!)
  2. we unpacked more than 20 boxes before the truck left (20 less boxes to be stored!) - I think it was about 50 boxes actually
  3. we went away 4 days after we moved... and it was cold and rainy, and let me sum it up with the words of the kids "I want to go home"... only problem was - were they talking about the old 'home' or the new one? Luckily, the new one!
  4. All the boxes were unpacked by the 10 day mark.
  5. I made it to the quilt show - yeah! It was great. Had a lovely time catching up with Wendy from Horsham, and together we braved public transport, and spent lots of time at GJ's fabricn (poor Boy 2 had to be very patient - sorry!). Great to see all the Horsham entrants in the Vic Quilters competition won their categories - congratulations!
  6. Boy 1 has settled in really well to his new school... amazing... and exciting... and Boy 2 is loving his new 'music church' - a Mainly Music program at a church nearby... the highlight of our week together!
And now there is nothing more to distract me from the reality of having surgery on Friday morning (surgery is to relieve compression of the nerves and blood vessels which has been causing lots of sensation problems and poor blood flow to my arms and hands).
Unfortunately I'm missing my nephew's first birthday party, but I'm hoping to finish a 'bunting' decoration for it, and the kids and husb will still get to go... and have fun... don't worry about me.. I'll be fine... no, really... hmmm... all I can say is if I don't get a piece of cake and see lots of photos I will be VERY cross!
Happy Birthday B!

Photos of quilts will take too long to load tonight - I've still got to do the dinner tidy up! - but I will do it sometime soon 'cause I've got lots of new ones to post - and hopefully I'll be able to use the computer while I'm recovering... here's hoping!