Monday, October 15, 2012

Trapeze magic...

MF on the ladder!
climbing up a ladder to a small platform 7 metres above the ground...

MF launches himself off into the air on a trapeze...

To watch these videos:
1. Click on speaker button on bottom of video frame to turn sound OFF - "mute" (or alternatively, just turn your speakers off!).
2. Click on play button to play the video.

Here you will see some mid-swing tricks and a somersault dismount onto the net!...


and now the same performance, but a close-up view...

And now for the incredible final act of the day...

... watch and be amazed...


and in case it was a bit hard to see - here it is again - just a little bit closer!


Well done MF!
You focused on what you had to to, 
managed your fears well, 
and achieved an amazing feat.

Not be be TOTALLY outdone by his older brother, 
CF performs some trapeze magic too...
(with his beautiful assistant Nan!)


What a great afternoon!
Thanks Auntie Fi for the fab birthday present, 
and Flying Trapeze in Blackburn, Melbourne