Saturday, January 30, 2010

"good Mummy"

I've done some "good Mummy"-type sewing -
1. I shortened boy 1's school shorts... and he agreed to model them for me!... don't they look just great?
If you're lucky enough to be on my email list you'll see a first day of school photo in a few days... he's so excited.


2. I made him a pencil case which I really like. I fiddled and fiddled to get the zip neatly sandwiched between the outer and the lining, and was pretty happy with the end result. No-one will have the same pencil case - of that I can be absolutely sure!

Poor Boy 2.

Not only will he be abandoned by Boy 1 next week, he also hasn't had anything sewn for him! Luckily I just happen to have some polar fleece material waiting to be sandwiched together for a blanket for him. Not quite the weather for it, but maybe it could be inspiration for more "good Mummy"-type sewing.

Next job????
To label the school bag, hat and various other items due to leave the house on Monday!
I think that could come under the general heading of "good Mummy" too!

Here's to being a good Mummy! Cheers!

or should I say "goodnight!"? Enough goodness for one day - this Mum needs some sleep.


ZippyZippy said...

Love the pencil case - zips frighten me, well done.
2 Sleeps to go!

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Good mummy indeed! Great job with the pencil case xox

Anonymous said...

Now that I've discovered your blog I'm waiting for some updates!!! (Not that there are any on mine at the moment....) Thanks for listening on Friday - just what I needed.