Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy 10th wedding anniversary to me!

Today it is 10 years since we got married...
At the time I was doing our family grocery shop this morning, 10 years agoI would have been at the hairdresser with my girlfriends and sister getting my hair and make up done! How times change!
But these were on the table to greet me:
When I opened the card, I said "What a beautiful card! I wish I could get that in fabric." Ah yes, it still comes back to sewing!

Today, as we remember back 10 years:
we are going away overnight to relax and celebrate together.
Thanks to Nan and Pa for the help with the boys!

On this day, both of us also think of our grandfathers who went to war. They both came home, but so many didn't. I can't quite imagine that, but to think it is still happening horrifies me. This year we have been challenged by Mr 6 to explain why people go to war. That's been hard, especially knowing that he may hear other things at school, from friends and everywhere.

We pray for peace... and celebration of happy events...

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Anonymous said...

Ahh so you DO remember how to blog...
Congratulations - hope you both have a really enjoyable night and come home feeling refreshed.