Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've been too busy to blog!

And just what have I been busy doing?

Well, the obvious mad sewing of smocks and library bags... the Maker's Gallery Market was good, mainly for the promotion... and the Primary School has been steady.
Apart from orders, smocks and library bags are now all packed up to make way for the sewing of Christmas presents, which of course I am not going to blog about!

We (I mean boy 1) had the last kinder day yesterday, which was a dress up and party day. So I walked along the street to kinder with 2 reindeers! One on a bike!

We have started something new in our house for the holidays... I have written down ideas of things to do on small pieces of paper, and put them in a decorated box. That way, I can do something fun with the boys each day, but there are limits - I only wrote things down that Mum would be happy to do!
The first was a low energy one (thank goodness!) - choose 2 books each and Mum will read them to you. Wow! Not too hard.
The second lucky dip was quite different!
It was "bake Christmas biscuits", which therefore had a part 2 for the next day "decorate Christmas biscuits".
I made the mixture and got everything out ready, and then we started baking together (the word 'start' is somewhat variable because I had already been started for 1/2 hour! - a bit like - "we've finished" and then there's 1/2 hour of cleaning up too!). The kids each had their mixture to roll out with their rolling pins, and then we used Christmas cutters to cut out shapes.

The decorating this morning was quite hilarious - they both had a lot of fun... they each had a small tub of icing, some silver balls, some rainbow chocchips, some M&Ms, and we shared some small icing tubes. 2 year old decided to add his choc chips to the icing - interesting! 5 year old decided that eating M&Ms was preferable to using them to decorate, but all in all it was fun and enjoyable.
The hardest part was cleaning up - there was quite a mess - and of course they wanted to move on to the next thing... "milk please", "can we have morning tea mum?", "can I have some apple juice", "thomas please" etc. etc., while I thought it was important to clean up properly (we saw our first sign of ant invasion this morning)... multi-tasking to the max! PHEW!

Here they are all finished and waiting to be eaten!

Made by: back left - boy 1, front left and front right - boy 2, back right - mum!
Not a bad effort! And they taste good too!

Happy Christmas!

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Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Wow! They look fantastic! Great work guys :) And fingers and toes you can keep the ants at bay. Little buggers xox