Thursday, November 26, 2009

bianca has a give away!

bianca jae makes stuff is having a giveaway!

biancajaemakesstuff is the blog home of my friend Bianca... it's a great blog - very funny to read, and she has photos of her lovely sewing.

And now her blog is home to a giveaway... a winner will be randomly selected from those who post a comment on the giveaway post, to win one her beautiful texta rolls - you choose your fabric!

These texta rolls are just great for kids - in one neat package you have textas (or pencils) and a couple of notebooks. My kids absolutely love theirs, and they're a must for our car trips. Folded up they look like this...I got one of the very original few ever made - that's my claim to fame! And now Bianca is going public with her beautiful sewing.

She sells her texta rolls on made it website, and has done a roaring trade since launching her store. She uses good quality fabrics (denim for the outer, and designer fabrics for the feature), and the textas are FaberCastell triangular markers (textas which wash out of fabrics - yeah! - evidence that Bianca is a mum too!!). The pencils are also Faber Castell, and have two different colour ends (how fantastic!).
Here's my current favourite fabric...Check them out!

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Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Thanks Bron! That is a really lovely post :) xox