Saturday, November 7, 2009

happy birthday jacquie! and friendship quilt

Happy 40th Jacquie!

Jacquie is a great person - full of life, humour, warmth and honesty. I love her style, her wit and her grace...
Jacquie inspired me to sell on madeit, and has helped me all the way.
I always go to Jacquie's back door when I visit her, and the photo above is the block she stitched for my friendship quilt. How appropriate!
Happy 40th Jacquie!

my quilt:
Method: Everyone chose a block to stitch (8 times!). We gave the other 7 participants a piece of our chosen fabric and length of embroidery cotton. So I had 7 people's fabric and DMC, plus mine. I stitched my saying onto each square. We then completed the rest of the quilt ourselves. They are all so different!

other friendship quilts from the group... Jacquie's, Michelle's and Judy's.
Aren't they just great?

It's my dream to display them somewhere together!

I still need a photo of Margaret's to show.

Bianca's, Tash's and Louise's are still a work in progress...

Oh yes, just one more thing I need:
(I did a label where everyone could write a little message to me, and no-one will write on it!... I think because it's permanent... how is stitching less daunting than writing? I'll keep trying!)


Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

They look fab Bron! Must get too and finish mine...maybe befor I am down next. Maybe set a date for a sewing get together and have a quilt hanging?! xox

ZippyZippy said...

Thanks for your kind words Bron.
You have to come to the back door because the sewing machine is blocking the front door!