Monday, November 23, 2009

promo for Maker's Gallery Market

When I saw that my aprons made it onto the flyers for the Maker's Gallery market, I was excited... (second picture from left) but now I see that my cards made it onto the POSTERS for the market!!! (second bottom picture)
And not only that, but in the description of items for sales is the following - "... children's smocks and aprons, baby blankets, Christmas dog collars..." now, who do you know who would sell dog collars????? - ah yes, the old "Woof 'n' Wag is being resurrected for the Maker's Gallery market!

Now I wonder how many places I can find to put my posters??
I said "I might need to make more red cards", to which my husband answered, "now don't go into a card making frenzy next!!!!" (I think he might be referring to the amazing number of smocks and library bags that have been churning out of the sewing room!!).

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