Wednesday, May 5, 2010

11's and the wedding ring quilt

A few years ago, just after Boy 2 was born, I made a double wedding ring quilt for my brother and sister in law as a wedding present. Not quite sure how I achieved to sew a queen quilt to the floor in only 3 months - must have been the post-baby hormones or something!

Anyway, ever since then, I have wanted to make one for David and I. It is our 10th anniversary in November this year, so that seemed like a good thing to aim for... until I started to have neurological problems, and have to have surgery; AND we decided to move house in the middle of the year... what is this conspiracy? So, a few months ago, I resigned myself to waiting until our 11th anniversary, at which time I realised an amazing thing.
On the
it is our
How cool is that?
So, the wedding ring quilt will be finished for that - I wonder if I could get away with making only 11 rings? now that would be cool!

Anyway, I've been keeping my eyes out for nice fabric, and the other day saw this one...
It's nice quality, and has the colours we like in it. But I wasn't sure about the brown background. I purchased just one metre to fiddle with, to see if it would work out... Here is my trial using seeded homespun for the 'background' and aqua fat quarters from stash...
The verdict?
Too brown.
The solution?
Take it to quilting group and ask everyone else!

We decided that perhaps the aqua was too contrasty for the brown. And given I actually wanted to use the deeper aqua in the fabric rather than the lighter, this was pretty good.

Then I found a piece of deeper cream fabric in my bag from another quilt label I was doing.
I laid the ring out to see if it would be different...
The verdict?
The solution?
Go and buy it while it's there!
Armed with a 25% off voucher, I went to Spotlight to buy at least 4.5 metres (I used 4.5 metres of feature fabric last time). Of course, how much was on the bolt? 4 metres. But, add that to the metre I had already purchased, and it was fine - phew!
So at just $9.70 a metre we have a lovely feature fabric... ready to put away for later in the year. Yeah!

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