Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rockets are rocketing r,r,r

The rocket blanket is finally finished... now Boy 2 can be warm at night too.

I've had the rocket fabric for almost 2 years, and purchased the red fleece for the back at the end of last winter... and they've finally been put together (funny how the easiest of jobs often get left to the end isn't it!).
Boy 1 has a lovely transport-themed blanket which is similar.

I put it on Boy 2's bed, and he cried... not with relief, or joy, but because he didn't want it. He wanted is doona (which was underneath of course). Being a practical mum, who just wanted Boy 2 in bed, I laid it at the end of his bed, and tried not to feel too sad about the irony of prioritising this task after so long!
However, in the middle of the night, when Boy 2 was returned to his bed, he very proudly showed dad his rocket blanket! How come dads always get the good reactions??

Go figure.

Boy 2 is learning the alphabet at school, and the sounds each letter makes. They have a little rhyme which they sing - a different rhyme each week - all to the tune of 'skip to the lou my darling'. This week's letter happens to be r! So we sang the given rhyme - Robots are racing, r,r,r... and then changed it... lots of times... hence the name of this post - Rockets are rocketing, r,r,r !

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