Wednesday, May 5, 2010

cats... cats... cats...

My friend Kathy gave me some fabric when she was cleaning out... for some reason she decided she may not ever have time to sew... or quilt... She mentioned that there were probably some blocks in there from a quilt she'd started for her youngest daughter many years previously. When I got home and excitedly opened the bag, I found 5 blocks done, and the fabric to make more... what else could I do but... make some more?!!! I ended up using up all the outer fabrics, but had the feature fabric left over. I began to imagine what the quilt would be like... and then decided to finish it for Kathy, as a surprise... I gave the finished quilt to her last weekend, and here it is...

There were some of the cats left - so they're hiding on the back!
It was amazingly easy to find fabric to match this one - the cordoroy was given to me by another friend, Louise B a few years ago - what a great use for it. The quilt is an unusual size, but fits beautifully across the foot of a bed, or on the back of a couch.
I hope you love it Hannah!

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