Monday, May 31, 2010

on a brighter note!

I've been sewing again, and I love variegated thread!
 Not the best photo, but I can assure you that the bright on black looks really good.
Can't show you the whole project yet - it's another gift... but let's just say that that thread looks great with ric rac (see this post)... thanks to all who supplied their little bits of ric rac! It's been put to good use.

I was going to put more photos on here - sneak peeks of more projects, but I really don't want to ruin the surprises for the gift recipients. More photos soon.

Move and pack update
In addition to sadly farewelling our faithful couches, I've sorted out my sock drawer - no, seriously, I have!!! And let me tell you, it's amazing what you find in your bedside drawers! Nothing I'd lost, just really special things - cards, drawings from the kids, pregnancy records, a few odd photos... things to keep.
Scary what you do when faced with a move...
I've also sorted our craft supplies (kids and mine), and packed it into good containers (that sounds quick and easy, but was far from it). In the process, I've designated the current hall cupboard as the "walk through room", meaning everything that is in that cupboard is to go to the room that links the original house and the added-on unit.... ah yes, the new house has quirks... wish me luck in managing them!

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