Monday, May 10, 2010

special delivery for ME!

Do you remember the excitement of the postie, before all he brought you were bills or letters offering you credit cards you don't want or need?
Well, I had that sort of excitement today, when my doorbell rang, and it was our friendly Australia Post deliverer! Yay - I have been eagerly awaiting this parcel...
 Inside this boring brown packaging from Social Club Books was an exciting treasure-trove of books! Given that I rarely buy books, I decided to capitalise on not only the great prices, but the fact that I was already paying postage and handling, may as well make the most of it! (It's good logic! I think!)
"Sewing in No Time" includes ideas such as a children's play tent, fabric lined baskets, cutlery wraps etc. - what a great thought-starter!
"What Shall We Do Today? 60 creative crafting projects for kids" - sounds like a perfect book to delve into after our move... the kids are really interested in sewing - I'm disappointed I haven't got a photo of Boy 2 doing some hand sewing - bright thread on flanelette, using a large needle with no \point. He does an amazingly good job, even before he's three. Move over Kaffe Fassert!
"Material Obsession - Contemporary Quilt Designs" - a book I couldn't quite justify until I saw it at this unbelievable price. It is from the very talented women of the shop 'Material Obsession'. The first prize raffle quilt from the Horsham Quilt Show (below) was a design from this book.

Speaking of raffle quilts, I went to Rosemont Quilts just out of Horsham to buy some Prints Charming fabric, as I was so inspired by 2nd prize at the Quilt Show (left).

I was keen to try the blue colourway, but wanted the large flower block - too late, for Isabel has already sold out! Lyn has a few in the quilt pictured on the right - and reportedly purchased the last of the bolt... and rumour has it that she hasn't even used it yet! The cheek! Isabel has some of the black and white (not the same as the one above which also has a taupe colour in it), but I am picturing a striking black and white quilt with red as the feature colour... just for something really different for me... will have to think quickly, for Isabel is selling, and my opportunities for a dash out to Wartook are limited - time is ticking... 7 weeks until our move... not that the removalist has confirmed a date yet... that will hopefully happen tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I am keeping busy with lots of sorting out of the different areas in our house, working out how we will manage with only one living area, with no storage built into it! Hmmm.... the lounge suite will be moving on before we leave here because there's nowhere to put it... and I think we might be in the market for some bookshelfy-cupboardy things... oh dear, we might have to go to Ikea ! Yay!

And I'm also trying to finish sewing projects that I ambitiously started.... we'll see...!

And trying to work out where my sewing machine will go in the new house, and what it will be on (my current bench arrangement below a fluoro light is fabulous, but built in! It might be a bit destructive to take it with us!) A friend is going to show me a new quilting table she wants to sell... and there are some sturdy tables at the op shop but I am keen to have a flat bed quilting table so that would require some handy carpentering... maybe that could be fun... not sure.

So much to do, but The Mentalist started 20 minutes ago. Which means that if I press play on the DVD recorder and watch it in timeshift without the ads, I should finish about the same time as if I hadn't sat down to write this post. How strange. So off I go to get my weekly dose of Simon Baker...

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